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Coral Reef Classrooms

Coral Reef Classrooms

In order to provide support for FKNMS Programs, Sanctuary Friends received and administered grants for the following.

Coral Reef Classroom

Coral Reef Classrooms Grants from Mote Marine Laboratory Seaworld & Ocean Reef Foundation

Coral Reef Classroom [CRC] is designed to introduce middle school students to our Sanctuary, the marine sciences, and the importance of both. CRC consists of two components: a classroom session facilitated by an instructor knowledgeable in Sanctuary programs and then a field trip aboard a dive boat for an educational snorkeling adventure on the reef.
Students also conduct a plankton tow near the reef to collect, observe, and identify plankton and then discuss its importance in the food web.  The remainder of the boat trip is spent snorkeling at a Florida Keys reef, where the instructor and volunteers offer guidance and ensure safety in the water.

Sanctuary Friends played an integral part in the Coral Reef Classrooms.  In 2008 as a result of this program 506 students, over two dozen teachers, and more than sixty two parent and sanctuary volunteers participated in the program. The Coral Reef Classroom coordinator presented classroom programs for all participants, reaching more than 506 students in 21 classes at six different schools.

Note -The Coral Reef Classroom program, and Blue Star  program are  funded in part by grants awarded from Mote Marine Laboratory’s Protect Our Reef Grants Program, which is funded by proceeds from the sale of the Protect Our Reefs Specialty License Plate.