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March 2017: Testing of New Lionfish Trap Designs

February 2017: New Programs and New Sanctuaries in the New Year

January 2017: Non-Native Rabbitfish Removed from Florida Waters


December 2016: Maritime Heritage Edition

November 2016: New Lionfish & Grouper Research

 October 2016: Leatherback Sea Turtle Nest Found in Keys!

September 2016: Largest Marine Protected Area Created

August 2016: Canal Restoration Projects in the Keys

July 2016: Lobsters, Lionfish & Counting Fish

June 2016: Lionfish Now Available at Whole Foods

May 2016: Current Status of Sanctuary Regulatory Review

April 2016: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins

March 2016: Sea Turtle Nesting Season Begins

February 2016: New Non-Native Fish Documented in Gulf of Mexico

January 2016: Lionfish Tagging Reveals Secrets


December 2015: Bioluminescence & Reef Restoration Research

October 2015: Volunteers Needed for Sanctuary Cleanups

September 2015: Reef Do’s & Don’ts

August 2014: Lionfish Resort to Cannibalism

June 2015: Coral Bleaching Projections & Electric Car Charging

May 2015: Parrotfish Key to Reef Survival

April 2015: Keys Allocate Share of BP Oil Spill Funds

March 2015: “Ghost” Traps Impact Corals & Fisheries

February 2015: First Goliath Grouper Spawning Documented

January 2015: Research and Regeneration Spotlight


December 2014: Winn Dixie Partners with Got Your Bags

November 2014: Coral Reef Building Success

October 2014: Focus on: Marine Protected Areas

September 2014: Everything Coral!

August 2014: Protecting Manatees and our Water

July 2014: Getting Ready for Lobster Season

June 2014: Cousteau’s Mission 31 Underway in FKNMS

May 2014: Red Snapper Season Update, Golf Tournament Announced

April 2014: Focus On: Water Quality

March 2014: Sea Cucumber Limit Proposal

February 2014: Lionfish Removal Shows Promise

January 2014: Coral Nurseries Eligible for TDC Funding


December 2014: Friends in Focus Movie Nights

November 2013: Endangered Species Update

October 2013: Dredging Study Defeated

September 2013: Ecosystem Protection & Marine Debris

August 2013: Sanctuary Working Group Recommendations

July 2013: Shift from Fish to Jellyfish Ocean

June 2013: River of Grass Flowing Again

May 2013: Water Conservation Tips

April 2013: Everglades Restoration Update / Boater Education

March 2013: Clean Water Prioritized

February 2013: Possible Endangered Corals

January 2013: Last Chance for a Free Book!


November 2012: Free Book to New Members or Renewals

October 2012: 2,694 Lionfish Removed in 2012 Derbies

September 2012: Diadema and Grouper Research Updates 

August 2012: Hurricanes: Friend or Foe?

July 2012: Lionfish Tourney Results / Lobster Mini-Season

June 2012: LIONFISH!

May 2012: Seagrass Restoration & Dolphin Viewing Guidelines

April 2012: YOUR Input & Observations Needed

March 2012: CNN Hero / Coral Recovery

February 2012: Impacts of 2010 Cold Spell on Reefs

January 2012: Hope for Reefs – Damaged Corals Recover


December 2011: Sanctuary Condition Report: Corals Declining

November 2011: Lionfish Invasion Program – Get Involved

October 2011: Tourism – Cruise Ships or Everglades?

September 2011: What is our marine sanctuary worth

August 2011: Lionfish Effects on Coral Reef

July 2011: Lobster Mini Season Safety

June 2011: CHOW Wow – Ocean Week in Review

May 2011: Decade in Review

April 2011: BP Oil Spill – One Year Later

March 2011: The Importance of Marine Sanctuaries

February 2011: Protecting Sanctuarys: From Cuba to the Keys

January 2011: Our Oceans’ Top Pollution Predators


December 2010: Happy Holidays: Sharks Protected, Climate Plan Adopted

November 2010: Mooring Buoys Stay, Lionfish Removed

October 2010: EcoWeek & Aquarius

September 2010: Mangroves & Marine Reserves

August 2010: Oil Threatens Deep Water Corals

July 2010: Oil Spills, High Temps and Hurricanes

June 2010: Oil Spill Volunteers Needed

May 2010: Oil Spill Update

April 2010: Water, Water, Water – Cleanup and Conservation

March 2010: Effects of the Cold Snap

February 2010: Lionfish Update

January 2010: Mooring Buoys Protect Coral Reefs


December 2009: Caribbean Connectivity and Happy Holidays

November 2009: Climate Change Successes

October 2009: Keys Cleanups and Research Expeditions

September 2009: Coral Bleaching Season

August 2009: Plastics in our Ocean

July 2009: Lobster Mini Season and Coral Spawning

June 2009: Vandenberg Sinks – The Keys’ Newest Reef

May 2009: Tiny Fish? Shifting Baselines

April 2009: Invasive Lionfish Captured in Keys

March 2009: Space Limited for Clyde Butcher Event

February 2009: News and Notes

January 2009: Underwater Astonishments and Season Greetings